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Genealogy booklet

Want to offer an original gift that will remain in the memories? For a wedding gift, a golden wedding, a birthday gift, a retreat or a Christmas gift to slip under the tree, think of the genealogy booklet. Formidable condensed in the history of the family, it is drawn up and drafted from the genealogical…
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Meet your French cousins

Do you have French ancestors? So you certainly have family that lives in France. I find your cousins and we organize, together, a family meeting in France. Contact me for a personalized quote.
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Genealogy verification

Today, with the development of online genealogy sites, it is tempting to think that it is sufficient to note some names and dates on the search engines and genealogy is complete. Yet many mistakes are passed because the genealogies are not checked and deeds are not seen. Any genealogy to be "safe" to be verified…
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Documentary research

If you have a project to write up the history of your village, your company or a famous individual in your region, I can help you gather the documentation in order for your project to take shape. If you need photos of certain historical documents kept in the Archives, I can send the photos on…
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