Genealogy record book

For a birthday, retirement party, golden wedding anniversary, Mother’s or Father’s day celebration… would you like to please someone by offering an original gift that will be passed down from generation to generation?
Would you like to leave your descendants a souvenir of your own life and that of your ancestors?
The genealogical record book, a true family biography, will recount your personal history as well as that of your ancestors so your family memory can be kept and transmitted through the generations.

6The preparative discussions will enable you to reminisce on your life, testify to a period in time and bring your memories to life.

The creation of the genealogical record book will take place as follows:
Collecting your personal history can take place either by meeting at your home, or by telephone (I will call you according to a fixed schedule), or written down (I will supply you with forms to fill in, which you can send back by post or by email).
Choosing illustrations: you choose the photos you would like to include in the book, the documents, letters or drawings, etc…
The family tree will be compiled according to your wishes, either of a tree showing the direct lineage over 4 generations (from father to son) or a tree “by branches” over 2 generations (your 4 grandparents) as well as your descendants.
The written style of the record book is simple so it can be understood by all. You proof read and correct it.
You select a cover from among 10 colour options + 1 photo + 1 title
The record book is printed by a professional printer, so you are guaranteed quality printing.
The genealogical record book is always produced with particular attention to confidentiality, compassion and respect.
If it is a gift, you should plan for a delivery time of 3 months from our first scheduled discussion.
The copies of the genealogical record book are sent by post or handed over personally

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