Genealogy Booklet

Want to offer an original gift that will remain in the memories? For a wedding gift, a golden wedding, a birthday gift, a retreat or a Christmas gift to slip under the tree, think of the genealogy booklet.
Formidable condensed in the history of the family, it is drawn up and drafted from the genealogical researches that I carry out for you in the various archives of the North, France and Belgium.
From 8 to 10 generations in direct line, up to 4 or 5 generations in complete genealogy (paternal and maternal branches) it will seduce and move.

Composed of trees and genealogical charts, it allows to follow the composition of the family at the will of the writing and the photos of the acts found. It is made up of civil status records, military registration sheets, censuses, and all other acts that complete the genealogy: declarations of succession, marriage contracts …
In A4 linked format of 50 to 200 pages depending on the model, it is a great gift of quality. Family photos or portraits can be inserted.

For the realization, which includes the genealogical research and the layout of the booklet, it is necessary to provide a delay of 2 months. Ask for a free quote for your next gifts.

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